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Orange City News – Masons drawn to Lodge’s History

Orange City News has published an EXCELLENT piece on our Lodge!  From the article: Every Tuesday night, they gather in the old opera house tucked inside a brown brick building at the Plaza. They’re a collection of retired military vet- erans, lawyers, real estate agents and blue- collar workers. Some are as young as 23, while …

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holidays will soon be upon us, a time for sharing the warmth of the season with family and friends. It can also be a time of distraction, something that leaves us vulnerable when we least expect it. To avoid spoiling your holiday shopping, the following are safety tips to remember: Stay alert and be …

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Christmas Trees

Anchor trees securely. Climbing cats and dogs with wagging tails can knock over your tree. Hang breakable, glass ornaments well out of reach. The small glass and metal fastenings can be stepped on or even swallowed by your pet. Keep tinsel, ribbons and garland out of pets’ reach, especially cats that are intrigued by them. These can …

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