From the East

fromtheeastaugustWow, talk about some crazy weather lately! As much as I love the rain, I could do without all the humidity. I’m happy to report however, that the weather for our annual picnic was just perfect. Not too hot and definitely not too cold.

Except during the time Mike Selix and I were having a water fight. That ice water certainly cooled things down! Speaking of water, James added a new twist to our water balloon fight by throwing in a giant slingshot! He said it was an event for the kids to catch the balloons but I saw him aiming at them…

Speaking of events, August is such a fantastic time to enjoy some fellowship with your lodge brothers. We’ll kick things off with a third degree and a Luau on the 8th, (roast pig anyone?), and end the month with the start of Street Fair. Volunteers are needed for street fair so please see Junior Warden James Segerstrom to sign up. It takes a lot of volunteers to run the Child ID Booth for three days so please don’t be shy; Ladies of the Lodge are encouraged to join us, the mothers who bring their children in for their ID’s relate better to the ladies.

Judging by attendance at our last DeMolay Breakfast, some of you may be unaware of the changes that have taken place. You may have heard that prices have gone up to $10 a person, but perhaps you haven’t heard what’s being served: made-to-order omelets cooked right in front of you (talk about fresh)! Plenty of ingredients to choose from, bacon, waffles, (with blueberries if you desire), and we even have fresh fruit! We also have milk, orange juice, and coffee.

Unfortunately, better ingredients require a corresponding increase in price.

These kids are working hard to make sure you get a delicious meal for your $10; please come out and support them in September when they have their next fantastic DeMolay Breakfast.

Finally, I want to encourage all of you to come visit our youth groups in August. You may remember that I decided to have multiple Official Visits to the youth groups throughout the year. It just didn’t seem fair that each youth group had multiple terms, but that we only visited them once a year. In August we will be visiting Rainbow on the 3rd and DeMolay on the 12th. Job’s will be in September. The youth groups are the future of our Masonic Family, these are the people who go on to become Masons and Eastern Star Members. If we don’t support them now, why should they support us in the future?

I hope to see you all at Lodge. Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Dennis Rootes