From the South

jamesGreetings and Salutations!

April was an incredibly productive month for our lodge. From the Demolay installation, pancake breakfast, the Lodge Shadow Night visit for the Rainbow Girls, and the Lodge Youth Appreciation Day trip to Boomers in Irvine, everyone had one productive month. There were even three 1st degrees in a single night at the end of the month! (Man, does that bring back memories from a few years back).

Alas though, May is ahead of us. We have the Mountain Man Degree over May 1-3 in Twin Peaks, CA. We will be having a 3rd Degree at Rim of the World Lodge. Speaking of, an early congratulations to our Mountain Man Candidate, Bro. Barry McKinley on becoming a Master Mason that weekend.

May 12 is Public Schools Night. Please come on down and show support to the 5 High Schools of the Orange Unified School District and the Honorees that night.

Otherwise, remember the Second Sunday of this Month (May 10) is Mother’s Day. So if you can, remember to do some- thing nice for your mother, take her out for the day, a nice meal, etc…

Speaking of interesting events for the month:

May 1, Avengers: Age of Ultron of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes out in movie theaters that day. Later in the month there might be an unofficial outing for those interested to go and to see it.

In the meantime, let’s have a fun May!


James Segerstrom
Junior Warden