From the South

jamesI hope everyone had an excellent month of May. All kinds of different things happened, either in the Lodge, or in our lives, we had a busy month. There was the Mountain Man Degree the first weekend. Mother’s Day the second Sunday, hopefully everyone did something to celebrate the day. Memorial Day was the last weekend. There was even the Master and Wardens Retreat in Ontario. I even had college finals the week before Memorial Day.

Now June is upon us, there is much to see and lots to do.

On Tuesday June 2, in addition to the Stated Meeting that night, we will be recognizing members of our Youth Orders who will be Graduating from High School later this month. So please come on down and show support for them as they prepare to take this next big step in their lives.

While on the topic of our Youth Orders of the Lodge, on Tuesday June 9, there will be a Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner for Rainbow Girl Melanie Mazet, who is the California Rainbow Girls Grand Christian Flag Bearer for this year. Come on down and eat some delicious spaghetti and show support for her.

Make sure you visit our various Youth Groups that meet at our Lodge, Orange Chapter of Demolay, Orange Bethel No. 337 of Jobs Daughters, and Orange Assembly No. 86 of Rainbow for Girls. I know for a fact it means a lot to the members when Master Masons come and visit them during their meetings. Please come on down and show support for our Youth Orders.

On Saturday June 13, we have the Annual Lodge Steak Fry at Brother Dave Roberts home. There will be much fun to have, and lots of good steaks to eat. To purchase tickets, talk to any of the Lodge Officers. The tickets for this delicious…I mean wonderful event are a very good price of $15.00 a ticket, or for an amazing deal of $30.00 for two. All profits for the Steak Fry will be going to the Masonic Homes. So please come on out and eat a steak for the Masonic Homes. If you can’t make it, why not make a donation anyway?

Sunday June 21 is Father’s Day. Be sure to enjoy that day for all of us who celebrate that day, may it be amazing and awesome for you. To my own Dad, Bro. Ted Segerstrom, I promise no very large coffee mugs as a gift….this year. I cannot say the same about any neckties though. Also, please remember Dad, NO SILLY STRING AT ANY RESTAURANTS WE GO TO!!!! We got away with that, once, so let’s try not to push our luck at a different place.

On Saturday June 27, our Lodge will be having a very fascinating event: The First Annual Festive Board. For those who are not familiar with what a Festive Board is, another name for this type of event is a Table Lodge. Tickets cost $50.00, and to attend, you must be over the age of 21. Libations will be served, including a very wonderful dinner. Also included are shot glasses that from what I hear, will be engraved and you can take home as well. For tickets to this event, please see Senior Warden Mike Selix.

Well that covers June. Remember that June 21st is also the Summer Solstice, so in addition to a Father’s Day card, have sunscreen ready for that day too.

Hopefully you have an excellent Rest of the Month!!


James Segerstrom
Jr. Warden