From the South

from the south julyHello from the South!

Hopefully June was an excellent month for all. In addition to Father’s Day, the Summer Solstice, a spaghetti fundraising dinner, and other events, our lodge had one incredibly busy month. On June 13th, we had our Annual Lodge Steak Fry at Bro. Dave Roberts’ house. A big thank you Mamie Wilson for preparing an excellent meal for us, and to Bro. Dave Roberts for allowing us to celebrate in his backyard. The Tin Lizzy Jail made an appearance as well. There was even a surprise development with the Jail: a so-called “Diplomatic Immunity” card. A summary of these cards are that you pay $20.00, and the working theory was that you cannot be arrested at the event, but only if you present the card when the “Sheriff” arrives. These cards were highly popular, though Senior Warden Mike Selix figured out and exploited a loophole in how the card system was designed. Thank you for pointing that out by the way, Mike (Ha-ha). This resulted in me getting thrown in the jail even though I had a Diplomatic Immunity card, but it was all in good fun and raised money for a good cause.

The lodge had its very first Annual Festive Board on June 27th. Libations were had, company was pleasant and fun, the meal (all 7 courses of it) very delicious, and everyone had an amazing time. There were shot glasses specially engraved for this event thanks to Past Master Ralph Shelton.

Now onto the month of July. Independence Day is on the 4th, and if you plan on setting off and playing with fireworks, please do so with caution. The next day, July 5th, will be a Blood Drive at the Lodge. If you are not careful while being around fireworks, Past Master Marshall Tipton might not like one risking injury that might result in a loss of healthy blood. For more information about appointment times that are available, talk to Marshall.

July 11th will be the Annual Lodge Picnic. There has been a change of venue since the last Trestle Board Article. It will no longer be at the Beach. The Picnic will be held at Irvine Regional Park. Come on out and enjoy good food, good company, fun games, and Fellowship. Guests are welcome.

July 21st will be the Lodge Community Appreciation night, honoring the Fire Department, Police, and Public Works employees of the City of Orange. This is an event that everyone looks forward to each year, so please come on out and support the honorees that night.

That sums up the Month of July for us. Be sure to support our Masonic Youth Groups at their various events and meetings this month as well.

Have a safe and excellent Independence Day, and month of July. Until then, see you in August!


James Segerstrom
Jr. Warden