Hello from the East!

Well August is now here and I hope you’ve been enjoying all the events so far. August is traditionally a time of darkness for us, but when you’re having this much fun, how could you possibly take a break? But I think you all might revolt if we don’t take a break at some point. So, we’ll be having one (1) degree night on August 14th and August 21 & 28 are both dark. But don’t forget to sign up for the Child I.D. Booth during the street fair! For more information about that, please talk to Dennis Rootes.

The officers have been intensely busy with all the degree work. You really ought to give it up for these guys who are memorizing and delivering all the ritual for all the new brothers coming into the lodge. For those of you who are keeping score, by the time you read this we will have done a total of 9 – 1st degrees, 7 – 2nd degrees, and 7 – 3rd degrees for a total of 23 degrees since the beginning of the year! Welcome to the family brothers and a hardy congratulations to all of you.

August is Hawaiian Theme for us so dust off your best Hawaiian Shirt and grass skirt and come on down to the Luau and degree happening on August 25. We’ll be raising Bro. Bob Fredrickson to the degree of Master Mason and having celebratory bash afterwards at Dave’s. I’ve been able to secure a whole-roasted pig (it’s super delicious) and the very talented Hawaiian Dancers from “A Hawaiian Experience” are going to put on quite a show! My lovely lady Julie has also prepared a special treat for us so you don’t want to miss that!

On a serious note, a very important vote will be taking place at the August Stated Meeting. If you missed the previous notices, there was a motion put forward to increase the lodge dues starting January 2013. The increase comes at a time when we’ve seen significant, and steady, increases in our Per Capita fees imposed by Grand Lodge.

As members of the Orange Grove family, I invite you to come down and voice your opinion and be heard.

Jack Pham