Ladies Corner

masonsladyMy Dear Masonic Family,

It has been such a pleasure to see you on Tuesday evenings. I hope to see more of you! I will not be at the May stated meeting, as I have been accepted to an honor society for social work students and the induction ceremony is that night.

Did you see the article in the Orange County Register about the Lodge? I am so proud of the brothers who were present that night and of all the brothers who make up Orange Grove Lodge and their families who support them.

I’m reaching out to you all this month to think of a brother or sweetheart who may be in need. Is there someone who hasn’t been to lodge in a long time, but lives in the area? There are many resources and services in Orange County for us, our family, and our friends. There are programs for older adults that remove barriers in their lives and help them be more active in the community. There are friendly visitor programs for adults who have difficulty leaving their home, supplying weekly visits and calls that brighten up someone’s life. There is Masonic Outreach Services for our Masonic families that can be most helpful when local resources are also sought out. Please keep friends and family that need assistance of any kind in your prayers, and call 2-1-1 for information on all Orange County resources. Together we can take care of each other.


Christa Tipton
First Lady