Congratulations to Brother Don Peterson!

demolayIt was finally announced on June 5 that Don is being appointed the Executive Officer for Southern California Jurisdiction DeMolay effective June 20, 2015. It is a position of great honor, and one of great responsibility, as Don will be vested with the full authority of DeMolay International in this jurisdiction.

Don is also a member of Orange Grove Lodge. While he grew up in North OC, and was a DeMolay in Yorba Linda Chapter, he chose Orange Grove Lodge #293 as his Masonic home. Over the years, he has served as a Chapter Advisor, League Dad and League Administrator, SCJ Director of Conclave, Jurisdiction Dad in Oregon, SCJ Jurisdiction Dad and now moves up to the big chair, Executive Officer (EO). Congratulations Don, Southern California DeMolay is in good hands!

From the East

dennisrootesThe first days of summer are upon us! The weather is heating up and so are things around the center!

If you missed Public Schools Night you really missed something special. We had almost 150 people there, so many in fact we had to put a table in the hallway for the officers to eat at! All of the attendees were very thankful for their awards, and the Principals were extremely complimentary of our Lodge and Freemasonry in general.

Now that June is here, we’ve got three fantastic opportunities to show how much we care by supporting our Rainbow Girls, Masonic Homes, and the Grand Master’s project. On June 9th, Rainbow will be having a Spaghetti Fundraising Dinner for their newest Grand Officer, Melanie Mazet. The cost is only $10 per person and the lodge will be matching all funds up to $750.

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From the West

MikeSelix1Greetings from the west Brothers and Sisters! I hope this message finds you all well. Here is an update regarding our, “Circle of concern around the center.”

Worshipful Jerry Murphy is doing much better after his bypass surgery in his leg. The blood flow in his leg has improved, and the feeling in his leg has also returned, this will definitely help in the healing process. He is seeing a wound specialist every Friday, and is waiting for the ok to have Wound Vac procedure, which will speed up the healing process. Worshipful Murphy is still stuck at home, and can’t wait to return to lodge. Please feel free to give Worshipful Murphy a call, or stop by and visit.

Brother James McCallion is at home recovering after spending 10 days in the hospital. His stomach bleeding has stopped. They did a 3D CT scan, and fed a catheter into his femoral artery up to the hemorrhage and injected platinum coils into the veins to plug it up and cause them to clot. They also used medication to thicken the lining of his stomach. Turns out that he has AVM, (Arteriovenous Malformation), it’s a birth defect that is sometimes found in the brain, however, his was in the upper stomach next to the spleen. James is very happy he was able to keep his spleen and is at home resting for the next month getting his strength back and waiting for his hemoglobin count to go up!

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