Mountain Man 2015 Gallery

MountainMan2015Here are some images from our annual Mountain Man Degree, held at Rim of the World Lodge No. 711 on Saturday May 2, 2015.

From the East

dennisrootesWhat a great month this has been! We just initiated three new brothers, Shawn McCuen, Keoni Ho, and Joe Latshaw. Welcome brothers! And a hearty congratulations to all of the officers who worked advanced stations that night – three firsts in one night, it felt like old times again. =) And Sean, you wore the hat well.

For those of you who may have missed our Youth appreciation day, we had a fantastic time at Boomers in Irvine despite the rainy weather. A full 50 activity cards were given out to about 35 youths and 15 adults, and we actually had a few more adult advisors who declined to play the games but hung out with us for the day. Games included laser tag, go- carts, and the arcade, but it was raining when we went out to play mini-golf, so we’ll have to do that again next year. It also turned out to be Abby Wright’s 18th birthday so we celebrated by singing happy birthday to her and eating ice cream.

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From the West

MikeSelix1To the Brethren, and ladies of the Lodge. I bring you fraternal greetings from the West. I hope this message finds you all well! Our Masonic Center has been very busy, its great to see how active our lodge and youth groups have been! Our Rainbow Girls had their secret trip; they went Whale Watching along with a group of our Veterans from the Long Beach VA Hospital. We could not have chosen a better day to take this trip. Weather was beautiful, and we were fortunate to have many sightings of Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions!

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