Job’s Daughters, Bethel #337

The month of August is preparation time for these young ladies as they have their regular meetings, coordinate planning and begin to amass all of their Street Fair supplies for their Tater Tots Booth. Because the Street Fair occurs during their regularly scheduled meeting times, in September, the Bethel will be having their stated meetings on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, September 9th and 23rd, respectively, at 2pm. If you’re looking for a reason to attend one of their meetings, September 23rd poses a unique opportunity! Our Job’s Daughters will be hav- ing a celebration meeting! So, clear your cal- endar and come and be a part of a Past Honored Queens Meeting.

It is also a pleasure to announce that Ms. Cassie Hager- man, a member of our Bethel, has been elected to serve as the Titan League Sweetheart. She brings a young pro- fessionalism with her into her station and without a doubt will be admired for her sincere kindness and generosity.

Rainbow for Girls, Assembly #86

Our Rainbow Girls are a diligent and industrious group of ladies. In spite of the sweltering heat, they stepped up and took on the responsibility of caring for the cleanliness of your dogs. Yes, that’s right! The Annual Rainbow Dog Wash was another amazing success and once again, man- aged to create memories which will last a lifetime among these friends. As well as that, they teamed up with another Assembly at the Order of the Eastern Star’s Senior Living Community Cen- ter and filled the Assembly Room with friends, guests and ladies of the SLC for the initiation of a new member. There is a beautiful energy that is created when Rainbow Girls unite for such an oc- casion, and they generously welcome their new sister through The Bow of the Rainbow. But don’t think that’s all! Get your bellies ready for Street Fair Rainbow Funnel Cakes, too! If you haven’t ever had one of their delicious cakes, you need to try one, or two, or even three!

Because of Street Fair, our Rainbow Assembly will be meeting on the September 17th for an informal Rainbow Activity, however will resume normal meeting times in the month of October.

Ms. Jayme Specker, a member of both our Rainbow As- sembly and Bethel, has been elected to position of South- ern California Jurisdiction Princess, a very prestigious rank in the Order of DeMolay. For the years that I have had the honor of working with her, I can truthfully say that we are a fortunate set of people who have watched her blossom into the amazing young lady that she is.

DeMolay, Orange Chapter

The young men of DeMolay have been preparing for their major event: Conclave! For those of you who have been to Conclave, I’m sure that you’re wearing an ear to ear smile and recollecting all the great memories of this event. For those of you who are reading this and asking, “What’s a Conclave?”, imagine hundreds of young men throughout the state, gathering together for a full weekend of DeMolay education and training, celebration dinners and events, and of course sleepless nights and endless fun! Keep an eye out for next month’s report for some first hand information on all the happenings. Earlier in the month, the Orange Chapter Sweetheart and Princess, Ms. Brittany Curtis and Ms. Taylor Cloud, hosted a successful Ice Cream Social. The gathering included people from differ- ent Rainbow Assemblies and Bethels, and drew young men from all the way out from Paradise League.