Hello from the East!

Well August is now here and I hope you’ve been enjoying all the events so far. August is traditionally a time of darkness for us, but when you’re having this much fun, how could you possibly take a break? But I think you all might revolt if we don’t take a break at some point. So, we’ll be having one (1) degree night on August 14th and August 21 & 28 are both dark. But don’t forget to sign up for the Child I.D. Booth during the street fair! For more information about that, please talk to Dennis Rootes.

The officers have been intensely busy with all the degree work. You really ought to give it up for these guys who are memorizing and delivering all the ritual for all the new brothers coming into the lodge. For those of you who are keeping score, by the time you read this we will have done a total of 9 – 1st degrees, 7 – 2nd degrees, and 7 – 3rd degrees for a total of 23 degrees since the beginning of the year! Welcome to the family brothers and a hardy congratulations to all of you. Continue reading

Greetings From the South

Job’s Daughters served some delicious fried chicken for our July Stated Meeting– you could taste their hard work! Ryan Box was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on the 10th, he told me after that he enjoyed the degree immensely. I can’t say as much for our candidates on the 17th, because all three men who were to be initiated were absent (all for valid reasons though.) Kung Fu Panda 2 was shown on the 21st at our Movie Night, while board games were being held by yours truly in the Dining Room, and I heard that not a single person there was bored for even a moment. On July 24th, we Passed Brothers David Branch and Jorge Garcia to the Fellowcraft Degree… and I must say that Dennis Rootes, who gave the Staircase Lecture (for the first time!) did a phenomenal job. On the 31st we had a sweet ceremony for our 50 year pin earners– here’s to a long time enjoying the happy reflections consequent on a well-spent life. Continue reading

From the West

August is here and we have a few Brothers that are not doing as well as we’d like this month.

Brother Tim Coder, son of Worshipful Darryl Coder, passed away on the morning of Sunday July 29 after a valiant battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Donna and two daughters. They have also requested no phone calls during this difficult time. As of press time, no services had been scheduled. Please send your cards and condolences to the address in the Trestle Board.

Worshipful Gene Stiles was feeling weak for about a week before he passed out and fell down. The paramedics were called and he was admitted to the St. Joseph’s Hospital for about a week. He has been released from the hos- pital and is now in New Orange Hills Rehab center. He is going through physical therapy twice a day and hopes to be home soon. He misses everyone at the lodge and would like us to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. He would also appreciate some cards, phone calls and visitors during his recovery. Please visit, call and send cards to the address in the Trestle Board. Continue reading